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Turn your data into strategic decisions with our data solutions.

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Trough data science team, we transform information into strategics decisions. With advanced algorithms and machine learning tools, we provide valuable insights and customized solutions to our clients.


AI Modeling: Using AI to create learning models from data.
from data.

Machine Learning: AI that enables computers to learn and improve from data.

Big Data: Massive data requiring special tools for analysis and exploitation.
AI Modeling: Utiliser l'IA pour créer des modèles d'apprentissage
à partir de données.


Our team of data engineers collects stores and efficiently manage data with high level of tech stake. With advanced technical expertise, they develop robust data pipeline and scalable architecture to ensure data quality and gouvernance for our clients' operations and decision-making.


GCP, kubernete, computer engine

Technical architecture :
Structure and technical configuration of a system.

Functional architecture : Features and interactions of a system to meet user needs.

Airflow: Open-source platform for workflow management and automation

Finance &

We develop investment strategies and provide personalized advices to maximize returns with risk adjusted. With more than 10 years experience in systematic trading, we assist our clients in making informed decisions and optimizing their financial portfolio.


Premia risk factor, best execution, backtesting

Trading algorithms: Computer programs that execute trades by analyzing market data.

Optimisation: Maximizing results by making efficient use of available resources. 

Prediction AI modeling: Predictions on future data based on past data.

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After graduating from the prestigious ENSAE in Paris and obtaining a master's degree in random modeling, Guyve ROHANI worked for over 10 years in the finance industry as a data scientist, data engineer, and portfolio manager.


« Data science and engineering solution's for your requests »



89 rue du  Faubourg saint honoré

75008 Paris


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